Foreign male students younger than 26 years old (21 if ASIRID candidates) are warmly welcomed in our College in Bari, Italy. We speak English, but we recommend a basic knowledge of Italian.


In order to apply for admission you need to fill the form. If you are a EU citizen you do not need any special permit, otherwise read below.


The monthly fee is 500 € for all foreign students, regardless of family income: it includes all services and facilities. A special scholarship may be applied by students coming from Albania and the Palestinian Christian minority with a fee of only 100 € per month.

Documents for foreign students coming from extra EU countries (non-EU)

Please read 

Excerpt from the Portale Immigrazione

  1. Application filled in and signed by the interested party
  2. Complete photocopy of passport or other equivalent document
  3. The following must be produced for a first issue of the residency permit:
    • Photocopy of the statement certifying the course of study to be taken, certified by the Italian Diplomatic/Consular mission when the entry visa is issued
    • Photocopy of insurance policy, valid throughout the country and for the entire period of validity of the residency permit, against the risk of illness and injury.

Residency permits for study reasons

  1. permit part-time work to be carried out for a maximum of 20 weekly hours and a yearly limit of 1,040 hours.
  2. may only be renewed if the entry visa was issue to attend a study course of more than one year in length.
  3. in any case, cannot be renewed more than three years above the duration of the study course.
  4. cannot be used or renewed to attend a course different from the one for which the visa was issued with the exception of a change to another faculty when conceded by the academic authorities and access to a university type course undertaken at the end of the stay in Italy or a medium/higher level course.