Alta Scuola Internazionale Residenziale per Innovatori Digitali

A University Hall of Residence for male students in Informatics or Engineering, with internal courses and real projects for partnering companies

How to apply

What you will do

  • Attend your University course in the Politecnico or in the University of Bari Aldo Moro
  • Internal courses of computer programming, automation, robotics, 3D, sensors, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Working for projects entrusted by partnering companies to solve real problems 
  • Soft skills for personal qualities

Who can apply

  • Freshmen 2020-21 of scientific and technical University courses in Bari
  • Younger than 21 years old

How long it lasts

  • Three years, from September 2020 to July 2023

How you can be admitted

  • On Saturdays, a full day of tests, interviews and group working

Why you should apply

  • To add to your University course a three-year experience in touch with industrial companies, helping them in the solution of real problems
  • To get a constant help in preparing exams

For further information, call (+39) -

Where it is located

  • In Bari, in via Orfeo Mazzitelli 41, in the Poggiolevante College, accredited by the Italian Ministry of University, with single rooms, study rooms, library, laboratories, sporting facilities, auditorium, WiFi everywhere

How much it costs

  • 500 € each month for foreign students, for 10 months