Poggiolevante is an intercollegiate hall of residence for male students under 26 years of age at the beginning of the academic year for which they apply.

It supports the pursuit of academic excellence and all-round development, within a community of university students. The atmosphere in the house relies upon the responsibility and respect for personal freedom of each resident.


It is located in Bari, Via Orfeo Mazzitelli 41, just behind Nicolaus Hotel, in Poggiofranco neighbourhood.

It is just 2 km far from Bari University School of Medicine and 3 km from University Campus. The fastest way of moving in Bari is the bicycle.

The phone information service is active on weekdays from 9 to 13 and from 15:30 to 19:30 calling (+39) or writing to info@poggiolevante.it

I dati saranno utilizzati esclusivamente per la finalità indicata e cancellati immediatamente dopo