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ASIRID - Alta Scuola Internazionale Residenziale
per Innovatori Digitali

An international residential high school for digital innovators. A unique opportunity for freshmen in scientific courses to improve their learning and add a three-years experience with real projects assigned by companies.

Call for visiting Poggiolevante (+39) or write to info@poggiolevante.it

I.P.E. Poggiolevante University College (previously known as Residenza Universitaria del Levante) is the only Hall of Residence for mail students accredited by the Italian Ministry of University in Apulia. It fosters a complete education of the residents, both in academic studies and in personal qualities. Besides providing a full bundle of lodging services, it organizes many cultural activities.
I.P.E. runs in Naples the Collegio Universitario femminile Villalta and the Residenza Universitaria maschile Monterone.